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Pub meal deals & bistro accommodation

Jokers on Ryrie is a Geelong institution. Our Geelong bistro sits in the heart of the city, offering top-quality pub meal deals and affordable pub accommodation. Don’t miss out on a memorable experience that won’t break the bank – stay up to date with the latest news and events happening at our bistro.

New pub lunch and dinner menus

Jokers on Ryrie provide separate pub lunch and dinner menus, designed to please all including those with dietary requirements and families with hard to please children. On our pub lunch and dinners menus you will find traditional fare combined with a selection of new cuisine, with prices to suit all. Our lunch and dinner menus are both...

Cheap pub accommodation after the Geelong Revival 2015

The Geelong Revival event stands for all things vintage, from the largest companies, down to the backyard builders. Take pole position for the historical quarter-mile sprints, as over 400 classic and exotic cars and motorcycles sprint down Ritchie Boulevard at full throttle. This year Geelong Revival are celebrating Wheels, Wings and Water – taking the...